Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Job Moments

Today I read a quote by Leonard Ravenhill that made me grin and shake my head at the same time.  The quote goes like this:

“My MAIN ambition in life is to be on the devils MOST WANTED LIST.”

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Look at me, I’m on the devil’s most wanted list. The only thing is that people don’t really comprehend what that really means.

Being on the devil’s most wanted list means you get to kind of be like Job. You remember him? The man who was minding his own business, enjoying life, enjoying his family, not realizing that God and the satan were having a conversation about HIM.  We all know the story… “Have you considered my servant Job?” That’s what God told satan. I can imagine satan rubbing his hands together in glee…he was probably thinking FINALLY, Job has been on my most wanted list for years!

Yet the enemy knew that there could be a catch if he didn’t explain how things should work out for him…. so being who he is, he tells God, “well, of course I’ve considered him. But you have a hedge of protection around him and all that belongs to him. How will I ever know if Job is really who you claim him to be? Take your hand of protection off of him, and I PROMISE you that man will curse you and die.” That’s where God smiled and said, “I know Job is who I think he is. Just don’t take his life.”

How many times do you think the Lord looks down and chooses one of us, and as the enemy gleefully rubs his hands together, God says, “I know who she is. I have faith in her. Do anything you want to, just don’t take her life.”

These are called Job moments, my friends. Will we fail, or will we prevail? Is the faith that God has placed in us really who we are? Do we love him enough to allow him to carry us through moments of pain, suffering, trials, temptations, problems, illness, wayward children…. the list could go on and on.

Before we so valiantly declare, “My MAIN ambition is to be on the devils most wanted list” Are we ready to pay the price to make that declaration?

What are you willing to do to change your world? How far are you willing to go? What sacrifice are you willing to pay? I challenge you today-during your Job moment-do not lose faith! Don’t lose your vision. Don’t lose your passion.  Keep pressing on!

I made the statement this week, “I keep standing, even if it’s on my knees.”  When you’ve done all you can do, when you’ve prayed all you can pray, when you’ve fasted as much as you can possibly fast, keep standing on those knees.  It’s just a matter of time when God will step in, smile gently, lift you up, embrace you and say, “I knew you could do it!”